Lydia Oshavkova is well known to the audience both as the first flute of Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra for many years (1966-1994) and a distinguished soloist on Bulgaria's and the world's stages. As a founder and soloist of the "New Chamber Ensemble", she has recently given numerous concerts in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, and Bulgaria. She has performed in grand halls such as "Bunka Kaikan" in Tokyo (as a soloist of the Mozart Chamber Orchestra), the chamber hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (interpreting Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" available on CD as well), and also in "Scuola Grande San Rocco" in Venice, among others.
A disciple of the French flute school (her masters being famous Jean-Pierre Rampalle and Alain Marion) and a a flute professor at the Academy of Music in Sofia, she has been invited to teach at various places worldwide - in Greece, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Germany, France.
In 1999 she was the chairwoman of the "Valentino Bucchi" International Flute Competition's jury in rome, Italy. She is a member of the Italian Flute Academy "Flutissimo" and a regular participant in its symposia.
She has played as a soloist under the conduction of Sir John Prichard, Mitsuioshi Oikawa, Shunsaku Tsutsumi, Mario Merigo, Dieter Scholer-Mano, Emil Chakarow and Konstantin iliev, among others, in the flute-concertos by Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Mercadante, Reinecke, Jolivet, Honneger, Jacques Ibert, Romberg ...
Lydia Oshavkova was first flute of Sofia Festival Orchestra, Bulgaria and of the Symphony Orchestra associated with the summer academy "Chiggiana" Sien, Italia. She has performed as a soloist in a number of international festivals in Venice and Turin, Rouen and Honfleur, Tokyo and Yokohama, Sofia Music Weeks, etc.
In 1999 the guitarist Kalli Kastori (Greece) and she formed a duo that made radio and CD recordings and participated in a number of festivals.
Within "Salon des Arts" 2002 at the National Palace of Culture, Lydia Oshavkova presented to the Sofia audience for the first time the three flute-and-jazz-trio suites by Claude Bowling (together with the renowned Bulgarian jazz players Antoniy Donchev, Angel Zaberski and Hristo Yotsov).
Lydia Oshavkova has 3 CDs released by "GEGA New", 2 CDs released by "Divertimento", Vienna (Mozart - flute-and-harp concerto, together with Claudia Antonelli) as well as records released by "Concord", USA.
In 1992 she is awarded the "Zolotaya muza" (Golden muse) prize of the Russian Information center on culture, and in 2003 - the "Crystal Lyra" from the Union of Bulgarian musicians.